❤❤                                                                    Well a big hooray for the end of 2020.  I'm working on a granny square lap blanket.  This is a new year full of hope. Soon we can go back to our new normal. Wishing all a blessed New Year 2021.  Remember, 'the stars incline they don't compel'. Love to all, m  🌺We are the love🙏💓🥰                                    

Full Moon in Taurus 10/31/20 (click for song)

Harvest Moon   This full moon will have a strong Venus influence. Venus, the goddess of love and beauty. Perhaps a creative weekend or time to fall in love again? Mars, the god of war will be going offstage for a while. On November 3rd Mercury will be speeding up. There will be less confusion and misunderstandings.Why not plan a Full Moon meditation? Time to get in touch with that which is unchanging. It might be fun to delve into that great inner space which is full of emptiness.

New Moon 10/16/20 - click for song

Image Welcome to the New Moon in Libra today. Libra is the sign of 'the other'. It could be a partner or a business. Perhaps power struggles are accented. How about compromise without compromising your principles. It may be a time to walk a separate path. There may be some changes in outdated structures. It's time for an update. This is an exciting time. Take time to relax. Listen to those old records and hum a few tunes, dance in the living room and create an upbeat attitude for yourself. Fall is in the air. The sun will shine tomorrow. We can use this time for reflection and to improve ourselves. We cannot control the world but we can control our attitudes. Enjoy and make your new moon wishes. A time for new beginnings even if it's a list. Mercury is retrograde so expect to see an old friend or two...💕💫 Love and Peace🙏                                                                     

New Moon 9/17/20 and Jupiter Speeds Up (click for Leon Russell)

There's a New Moon on Thursday (ruled by Jupiter ) and Jupiter speeds up and becomes more important on the 16th. I am expecting good news. Let's see what happens. At this time it would be well to use positive messages and remember to be in the moment you are presented with. Breathe. Yes, being present to your breath is an important technique. Try it. It is the one thing which is with us til the end. Happy times will be here soon. Hang in there everyone. Be here Now. Wishing you love💝🙏  

Full Moon in Aquarius 8/3/20 ( click for song)

                                                                Welcome to the full Moon in the innovative sign of Aquarius. Let's see if a new covid treatment comes out of this full  Moon. See what progress you've made on your new Moon wishes. It's a good time for meditation. There's lots of energy at this time. Remember to slow down and 'be present'. Keeping a positive attitude is helpful. A daily gratitude list of one or two things in your life that you are thankful for is a start. Enjoy the full Moon!

New Moon in Cancer 7/20/20 (click for moody blues)

New Moon in Cancer- A time of new beginnings and new wishes. The sign Cancer rules home and family. It is a water sign which denotes emotion. It is also an action sign. Most of us have been home quite a bit lately. At this new moon there is an opposition from Saturn. This is a symbol of stabilization and also restriction. If we follow the guidelines perhaps we can get this virus under control. Otherwise we will need to redo things. There are a lot of retrograde indicators which stand for review, renew and perhaps redo. It's up to us. The Moon moves quickly into Leo with a good aspect from Mars and Venus tomorrow. Let's expect some fun! On a lighter note there is a new comet named Neowise. It will be visible this month at dawn and dusk in the Northern sky and in the Northern hemishere. There will also be Perseid meteor showers peaking August 11-12th. Good time to begin that book! NO MORE ICE CREAM! lol just kidding